EAL & SEN Outsourcing

TSS can manage your SEN and EAL teachingprovision. Classes take place via our virtual classroom, and programmes of support including IEP or ILP planning and evaluations. We only employ UK registered and qualified teachers with QTS, all of whom are experienced in working with students with additional needs. As an online service we can offer 1:1 or small group teaching for ESL and SEND students. Inaddition to teaching, We can also plan and implement the IEP/ILP process for;

EAL teaching to CEFR approved programmes of study

Our EAL support teaching includes baseline testing aligned to CEFR levels and continues to monitor students through their language proficiency journey, providing students, parents and school with up to date information to monitor the level of English they are attaining. All teaching takes place in our virtual classrooms withour qualified and registered UK teachers, all DBS checked as you would xpect. We are able to offer timetabled support teaching to schools and our Additional Needs Ce o-ordinator who is assigned to your school will manage teaching and learning, just as you would expect from any co-ordinator, monitoring the ILP on a weekly basis and providing monthly reports of progress for the SMT as agreed with each contract.

TSS are fully versed in understanding and using CEFR and related Cambridge tests and so are an ideal option for new student entrance testing, when schools often struggle to understand student language and learning needs. In addition to this we are also effective in preparing new students who are coming to your school. If new prospective students need to develop their language proficiency, we can support them to a level where they are prepared to enter your school with either minimal support or a report about the progress or challenges they still face.

We are also able to support students to attain IELTS and TOEFL in partnership with your school and in preparation for overseas university applications.

sen pupil support online

Pastoral Counselling Support

Pastoral counselling can become a time consuming and yet increasingly necessary part of your school’s provision. It is important to have professional teaching staff with counselling skills and qualifications to report and monitor the emotional needs of students throughout the school. TSS can be available to such students from their own home or during school hours to help students through the difficult times they face at school. Our recording and reporting after each session will be made available for the pastoral lead identified in the counselling plan, so that they are aware of the progress of the support and initiatives that will be started. TSS staff will also be available to meet with pastoral leads in your school via Skype to discuss individual students.

Whole school or departmental CPD

TSS recognises that you may be happy with the support you currently employ, after all if it’s not broken , why try to fix it? To this end, we are also available to support and train staff in many areas of EAL and SEND support teaching either on site or via our virtual classrooms which can take up to 100 attendees at any time. Contact us for our latest workshops or to discuss an idea of training that you would like us to deliver.

Want to know more?

TSS is a new option for the provision of EAL and SEND for international and UK education providers. With the diverse experience which TSS outsourced services can bring to additional needs in schools, we can only compliment or enhance existing provision to help your school eek out even more measureable improvement. We are also extremely cost effective and we can guarantee schools will make substantial savings by switching to outsourced provision in the two departments (EAL and SEND) where many schools will have varying needs throughout the school year, something which leaves many schools wondering if it is worth employing a full-time member of staff or employing someone without the experience that is required.

TSS can solve that problem for you!