Let Us Introduce Ourselves

As the recruiting season is marching on you will no doubt be looking to review yourstaffing and training needs for the forthcoming academic year, we would like to bring to your attention our service which could help to reduce your staffing costs.

Whilst employing experienced and well qualified SEN and EAL teaching staff which can further improve and add to the outcomes for students and teachers at your school is important, there are undoubtedly costs in finding and employing such teachers in every position in your school. Two areas where there are often question marks over the number of hours teachers will be needed for consistently throughout the year are the SEN and EAL departments. It is also a challenge to find staff in these areas who have the wealth of experience you would prefer they had in order to meet the needs of students and the expectations of parents. This is where TSS can help.

TSS was set up by myself, Andy Hogg (BA QTS MA MEd PG Cert) with the specific aim of supporting schools who have staffing needs which they may struggle to justify throughout the school year. We also recognise there are some schools who would also prefer to focus on academic rigours rather than spend significant sums of their budgets on SEN and EAL departments. We have a range of teaching services delivered online by qualified, registered, experienced and DBS checked UK teachers who have worked with EAL and SEN students. Schools will only require an internet connection, laptops/PCs and headsets, with a supervising staff member to be in attendance for student safety. Teaching takes place in our online classroom meaning that the teacher - student interaction is completely interactive and not simply a case of sit, watch and listen teaching. We meet the needs of all students that attend classes with us, SPLD, EAL, even SLD and C&L students can work with our experienced teachers. Our services mean you can employ us for teaching and learning with small groups or 1:1 teaching, or scale up to fully outsourced management of SEN and or EAL services to your school, where we manage the learning plan and review process, meet with students, parents and staff. We can support students both in and out of school and always with a qualified and registered UK teacher experienced in delivering the programmes and approaches your students need. Our Additional Learning Co-ordinators work as SENCO’s or Heads of EAL, but work with up to 3 schools, which is why we are able to reduce costs significantly for schools who engage our outsourced services. Otherwise we can work in partnership with your own SENCO or Head of EAL to deliver the IEPS or ILPs which your school has already implemented. Travelling to schools who engage our services is also a vital part of our relationship to ensure we have a presence atthe school and show that we are accountable to school management, students and parents too, in addition to utilising such visits so evaluate progress, conduct diagnostic testing or meet with Educational Psychologists or other professionals. Our pastoral counselling service is another addition to TSS and one which many schools will be happy to engage over the coming year. Counselling support is limited to the staff we have with this particular qualification, so if you have a particular interest in this area of our service, please do contact us as a matter of urgency.

In addition to teaching and learning services, we also provide CPD courses for staff. We can deliver these online to specific staff throughout the year or as a whole staff CPD presentation at any time throughout the academic year. For a full specific list of 2019-2020 courses see our CPD flyer, but as a rule, we cover all areas of EAL and SEN; differentiation, managing and supporting SEND/EAL students, pastoral support, classroom management and behaviour management strategies.

Only you will be able to truly evaluate the costs which could potentially be saved by working with us, but be assured that the knowledge and experience, backed up by staff who have worked with some of the most challenging students in schools in the UK and abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs at any time via conference call. We are here to help!