School Support Services

The Support School are an online support service for schools. We offer EAL/ESL tuition and SEN support online to schools in the UK, Ireland and the International Schools Community. We are able to support a diverse range of SEN needs through our virtual classroom by providing 1:1 and small group teaching. All that clients require is a computer and a headset. TSS are also available for private EAL/ESL tuition too.

TSS offers client schools a specialist service in understanding and implementing inclusion and how to best effect it in modern schools both in the UK and abroad. We passionately believe all students are entitled to whatever is needed to support them with their education and that education is not explicitly academic. Indeed, before academic success can even take place, there is much more that we must do as educators to prepare our students for the academic rigour of the curriculums they engage with.

They need to have developed attention, they need to be self-aware, they need to develop appropriate social relationships with peers and teachers, they need to have empathy and self-regulate…….and there is much more than we often have time for in an academically focused education system. This is where TSS can help.

sen pupil support online
sen pupil support online

School Diagnostic Services

Do you have concerns about your child’s, reading, speech or cognitive ability? Maybe you would like to know more, but the cost of a visit to an educational psychologist is something you are reluctant to engage with if you have no proof of a child’s difficulties.

TSS is a service which is managed and run by an experienced SEN teacher with over 25 years experience of leading and presenting conferences on SEN and EAL teaching, across the world. We have many years of teaching experience and research in understanding the difficulties students have at school and devising education plans for those students. Our diagnostic testing packages enable us to accurately pinpoint the difficulties which students have and provide advice on how teaching should be adapted to support such students.

  • Diagnostic Reading Assessment – 6 years upwards accurately identifies reading difficulties, including those of a dyslexic nature
  • Speech and Language Assessment – 6 months to 6 years – identifies difficulties in early years
  • Cognitive ability test – 7 – 17 years – accurate and established assessment of students' cognitive abilities.
  • Dyscalculia Screening – 6-14 years - for students with mathematic specific difficulties

Conducting diagnostic testing should only be undertaken by experienced and trained professionals. TSS has both the experience and the training to interpret test scores and provide meaningful and correct advice for individual education plans.

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Services to School

Services to schools include:

pupil premium

Pupil Premium

  • Close the Gap
  • Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities.

special educational needs

Online SEN Support

  • 1:1
  • Small Groups

If children with SEN are to have the same opportunities to succeed as others, we should not feel guilty if they need a different environment.

add and adhd


  • ASD

Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, ASD students. Pupils with ADHD find mainstream school with large classrooms to be an extremely difficult environment.

CPD Workshops

CPD workshops in :

All our support takes place online in our virtual classroom. All our staff are qualified UK/Irish registered teachers and have up to date enhanced DBS and Garda vetting certification available on request. All teachers are experienced in supporting the full range of students with additional needs.

Please contact us for further details.

TSS can support many of your pupil premium cohorts.